Customer churn rate can be reduced by improving call center FCR performance, the hub of customer experience, and with customer reach.

By Colin Taylor

Research tells us that 85% of customer churn is due to poor service that was in fact preventable. 11% of customer churn could have be prevented by simple company outreach and 67% of customer churn is preventable if the customer issue had been resolved at the first engagement.

This tells us something about the sorry state of far to many contact centers. More than 50% of all customer interactions will occur in a contact center. The contact center is the hub or the Customer Experience. It is, as they say “where the rubber meets the road”.

We all know it is significantly more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one, so retention efforts will always pay off handsomely. Look at your center, are you driving churn due to neglect?

By neglect I mean, do you have ineffective policies that place you in opposition to your customers, or are your processes dysfunctional. Is your training really equipping your front line staff to interact with your most valuable assets, your customers? Is your First Contact Resolution (FCR) a cause of your churn? What about your customer outreach? Do you have welcome calls, do you reach out when you suspect there is a problem with a customers order?

These problems can be overcome and superior Customer Experience is the benefit. Unfortunately all too often we, and the way we do things are the biggest problem we need to solve.

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(Mar 1, 2019)