ApexCX is a Visionary Leader in CX & Contact Center Services, with a Passion for Humanity at the Forefront of Technology

We stand on the shoulders of CX services leaders: SKWeston & Company, and The Taylor Reach Group, recognized as the CX leaders for over two decades. Under the new leadership of Jerry Briggs, who brings more than three decades of experience in large enterprise consulting and operations, ApexCX is poised to grow to the next level.

ApexCX Leaders and Teams

Everyone at ApexCX is highly experienced in customer experience. Our full scope of CX services are delivered by experts such as highly seasoned assessment analysts and consultants, design experts, CX strategists, skilled implementers, managed service providers and advisors, contact center experts, analysts and technical communicators, etc.

We are proud to have the best and brightest in the CX space. Some of the bios of our team members are listed below.

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Jerry Briggs, CEO of ApexCX customer experience services company, continues contact center design, trouble shooting, health check, assessment & upskilling.

Jerry Briggs, owner and CEO of ApexCX, is committed to continue high quality customer services while accelerating the company’s growth with vision, technology, and human-centric leadership and CX philosophy.

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Kevin is currently the COO of ApexCX. He brings 10+ years of experience managing complex projects in the Retail and Telecommunications industries to the day to day operations and the Managed Services offerings, previously at SKWeston & Company.

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Jon Ellsworth

Jon Ellsworth joins ApexCX as CRO with over 25 years of deep experience in the Contact Center, Customer Experience and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Jon is a seasoned executive specializing in customer experience (CX) & strategy

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Steve is a 30+ year industry leader with executive experience leading BPO companies and transformational client solutions through his company, SKWeston & Company, LLC.

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Ranked #5 in Customer Service Globally, 27 Awards for operational excellence, 35+ years Contact Center experience, Domestic and International: Outsource and Consulting

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JD Fairweather is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX with 25+ years of contact center experience, Domestic and International, Client-Side and Consulting – Atlanta

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Turaj is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX, with 25+ years of contact center experience, Domestic and International: Telco and Consulting, – Toronto

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Peg Ayers is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX. She has led large Customer Service Centers for more than 25 years, improving processes, managing change, and engaging employees – Virginia

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Thomay Vlahos is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX. She is a seasoned senior business leader with more than 20 years in call center operations. She has a proven track record of building high performance customer centric teams that deliver an exceptional client experience.

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Patricia is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX. Over the course of a 20+ year career servicing contact centers, Patricia has developed extensive experience in all aspects of Customer Experience delivery from telecommunications to financial services. – Mississauga

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Gary Courtney

Gary Courtney is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX, with over two decades in contact and operations centers. He started his career as a front-line call center manager and has leveraged that experience to become a proven leader in the contact center, BPO and Operational Excellence space.

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We Offers a Full Spectrum of CX Expertise, More Than Call Center Support

  • We’ll work with you to build a great communication plan to create visibility and buy-in for every step of the initiative.
  • We’ll aid you in navigating the difficult decisions when required.
  • We’ll augment your team as needed with short-term staff to ensure a great outcome.
  • We’ll equip you with industry benchmarks and best practices to support decision making.
  • We’ll help you craft high-impact messaging for key stakeholders about the findings of our current state assessment.
    We’re experienced in documentation overhauls, performance management consulting and deployment of new technologies.
  • We bring cost-effective and lasting solutions to optimize CX performance.
  • We Improve your growth with increased customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer acquisition.
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We Maintain and Advance Leadership of Contact Center Managers

Our CX experts are vendor-agnostic, committed to delivering results and advancing your leadership by working closely with contact center managers, their teams and CX agents throughout your projects.

We are sensitive to the fact that transforming your contact center tends to have very high stakes and even higher visibility, sometimes exposing weaknesses in process, decision making and even in management, thus impacting the careers of key players in your organization, sometimes those we assist. In addition to providing our technology and contact center expertise, we pledge to help you successfully bring your contact center initiative full-circle.

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Our Network of Strategic Partners

Over the years, ApexCX has strategically partnered with some of the technology leaders in the CX space and is constantly working on new partnerships.

We put our clients’ best interests first, so do our technology partners. Our network of strategic partners in different geographic areas expand our respective spectrum of expertise and provide both convenience and more choices for our clients and their customers. We at ApexCX always defer to our clients’ choices based on their needs.

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