JD Fairweather is a Senior Consultant at ApexCX.

A thought-leader in Customer Service and Experience Design, JD Fairweather has been building and optimizing global call/contact centers for more than 20 years.

He served as VP, at the Taylor Reach Group, a leading provider of assessment, planning, and implementation services to optimize call/contact centers and other customer experience channels. Since 2006, JD worked solo and in partnership with other members of the firm, on projects that helped organizations reduce churn, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue, while implementing key performance indicators that promote right behaviors and customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Taylor Reach, JD scratched the entrepreneurial itch and founded a successful consulting firm called Primary Assets. The Atlanta-based company helped small businesses scale their service-support teams to meet the growing needs of customers, while providing excellent customer experiences. While managing Primary Assets, JD worked on a number of projects for clients, using forward-thinking methodologies to support omni-channel customer services, customer journey mapping, deep data mining, and adopting hassle-free (effortless) service.

JD’s contact center development work spans various and diverse industries, including Telecom, Network Service Providers, Information Tech, Web/Mobile Services, Banking, Medical, and Municipal Services – to name a few. His client list includes several recognizable brands the likes of Time Warner Inc., EarthLink, Turner Sports, NBA Digital, Sprint, DirecTV, and NASCAR Digital Media.

Along with his in-depth knowledge of management, organizational structure, and customer behavior, JD is also Six-Sigma Green Belt certified. He is also well-versed in other muda (waste) preventive and process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Kaizen. He has completed coursework with the American Management Association covering the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge and the development of Project Management Offices.

In his spare time, JD enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, reading business and personal development books, and volunteering in his community.

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