Managed Services to Maintain and Advance Your Competitive Edge

Managed Services by ApexCX is a journey, not a status quo: Our full life-cycle CX services provide you with the advantage of a holistic view. We constantly introduce best ideas and new winning strategies since we know the latest trends and the state of your market.

What distinguishes ApexCX Managed Services is that we frequently update our clients with the new trends and technologies in their industries, as their CX capacities increase. We pride ourselves in workforce management expertise.

We keep you at the forefront of CX, manage your changing CX capabilities, and guide your CX success to the next level.

Our core competencies are Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Real Time Analytics, among all other aspects of CX and contact center services we offer.

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Workforce Management

Managed services by ApexCX also include on-going CX consultation for contact centers & companies in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, insurance, other industries.

At the core of CX workforce management is the need to balance the demand requirements with resources needed to meet this demand. Here are our tenets for a successful CX WFM Operation:

  1. Planned,
  2. Measured,
  3. Automated,
  4. Integrated,
  5. Partnered,
  6. Dynamic and adaptable.

We offer our Workforce Management Rapid Assessment to establish the framework for building partnerships between business units, empowering agents to manage their path to drive efficiencies, and successfully forecasting, scheduling and managing the daily operations of a contact center.

The Workforce Assessments range from 2-8 weeks depending on the size of the

operation and the agreed upon scope. At the conclusion of the Assessment the client will be provided with detailed recommendations on how to improve the operation. We aim to:

  • help you cut costs
  • have experts on your team without having to hire them
  • help you resolve initial implementation challenges
  • optimize your investment with ongoing iterative improvements, training and user calibration.

We have the experience, knowledge and customized workforce management practices and tools to ensure your center has the right people, in the right place, at the right time, for performing the right tasks

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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

  • ApexCX’s quality assurance focuses on the entirety of your company’s CX system — for example, the overall view of your contact center’s quality, not just individual agents’ performances.
  • With Real time analytics, we offer CX Quality Reporting, Call Center Quality Reporting, to assist small Call Centers and global Contact Centers in finetuning CX performance to be on track of forecasts and schedules.
  • We help design Performance Management and Reporting Systems in alignment with CX performance goals. We also provide a 360° Customer Quality Reporting of customers’ perspective and point of view related to the services they receive.
  • We assist companies with redesigning their quality control systems that provide insights about quality management, customer experience design, contact center quality design, quality monitoring measurement, as well answers about the specific questions, such as:
    • the level of quality being delivered by your contact center,
    • What are the most problematic calls across the center,
    • What are the issues and trends over time,
    • What improvement options should be used, and when…
  • These insights help leaders define and refine their customer base, select vendors, and formulate new strategies for
    different levels of services.
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Real Time Analytics

ApexCX offers real time data, contact center analytics, and highly valued customer
information that enable the C-suites, sales, marketing to feel the pulse and track the health of
their organizations.

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