BPO and other Sourcing Options

Because ApexCX is a full life cycle CX services provider, with knowledge in specific industries, our clients benefit from our recommendations of BPO providers we know well and who are already proven by others clients. We help you to figure out what are your best BPO options, suitable for your particular needs: Offshoring, Nearshoring, Onshoring. We also help you develop work from home and self-service CX solutions.

Sometimes growing your business means getting outside help. We’re experienced in both onshore and offshore outsourcing. We’ve assisted many clients in either domestically conducting CX, or saving costs by going abroad.

We can help you deploy self-service tools like IVR (interactive voice response), chatbots, and other low-touch AI interactions, to lower the pressure on your workforce, help your customers help themselves, and lower costs for your CX operations.

If your business adopts hybrid or work from home strategies, we have extensive experience to accommodate and empower representatives.

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BPO insights, recommendations, and matching with B2C companies by ApexCX are always in clients' best interest, to optimize ROI based on each client's CX budget.

CX Outsourcing – Preparedness and Suitability Assessment

The key to a smooth outsourcing transition is preparedness, since more than half of all outsourcing initiatives fail.

ApexCX assists companies first identify your CX and contact center activities suitable for outsourcing, with a comprehensive understanding of your contact center’s current maturity, suitability, state of preparedness, and pre-requisites for a successful outsourcing.

Interim CX Management

When a company needs interim CX leadership or management due to a vacancy at the top of the Contact Center operations, ApexCX can provide an expert knowledgeable in building and running CX, Contact Centers, and Customer Service operations.

Technology Assessment & Acquisition

CX Contact centers are never finished, they are always evolving. New phone systems, CRM platforms, WFM, IVR, Self-service, chat-bots, SME… we help you determine what technology suits your specific stage of growth, and deliver better service at lower costs.

ApexCX supports your sourcing needs, regardless of whether you are upgrading
your captive center technology and infrastructure, or considering outsourcing, offshoring, insourcing, or nearshoring.

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