ApexCX is a full life-cycle customer experience support company, a force in the CX industry.

Formerly known as SKWeston & Company, and The Taylor Reach Group, ApexCX help customer-facing companies who prioritize CX, whose business models thrive on CX, who are never done with CX.

We Empower Your CX with AI, Creativity, and Human Touch

We are your indispensable partner, advisor, and behind-the-scenes pillar for your success in customer experience, in every dimension, at every stage. Using the latest technology, we never stop improving your CX design, process, execution, CX workforce management, or quality assurance… to make YOU the Apex in your field, from beginning to end — if there IS an end.

We cover a broad span of industries, such as retail, ecommerce, banking, insurance, healthcare, some are Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

With craftsmanship and an unending passion, we have made many CX “stars”. We apply technology, AI, and automation to serve humanity’s deepest needs for connection, respect, kindness, through CX experience. “ApexCX, Experience Humanity”.

Your CX Challenges

Many companies’ CX problems are often mislabeled as IT or tech issues. We help you go beyond technology, identify your customer experience priorities, and align them with your business strategies. You may experience any of these challenges:

  • High operating costs, low ROI, flat or declining revenues
  • Low customer satisfaction, poor online reviews
  • Loss of return customers due to negative CX experience
  • Suffering from “AI Anxiety”, fear of losing out

Where to Start

Your success begins with an accurate and reliable assessment — industry-specific and customized for your specific needs. ApexCX excels at assessing, diagnosing and evaluating your CX performance, which paves the way for transforming your CX from ailment to health, from status quo to momentous growth. Instead of a quick and superficial fix, we come up with a comprehensive and customized roadmap, regardless of where you are on your CX journey.

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CX Assessment &
CX Design

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Overall CX status evaluation, CX design, not bits & pieces

Most stand-alone BPO and IT services provide either generic or piecemeal CX support. Due to our depth and breadth, we can do what they cannot: Tie your CX needs to a larger picture of your business model, your growth strategies, and your customer base’s changing expectations. By leveraging the latest CX technology in your industry, we come up with a game plan unique to your pain points, leading to cost savings and more customers.

AI in CX: Assessment,
Design, Implementation

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Customized CX AI for automated, personalized, customer-centric experience

To achieve efficient, safe, and responsible AI automation and transformation in CX, we assess first if AI is the right solution for your specific challenges; then design a holistic and strategic approach in alignment with your business goals, before experimentation, iteration, and implementation of AI at scale.

for Specific Outcome

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Results-driven implementation tailored to desired outcome

After assessment, we roll up our sleeves, work together with your employees on the ground, to deliver winning CX strategies. We often make necessary modifications to practices to achieve your desired ROI and specific outcome. (Most solution providers know only how to deliver a generic implementation.)

Tracking with Metrics &

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Real-time contact center analytics + experience-based insights

Thanks to our depth of knowledge in the CX industry, we know the proper metrics to track and manage progress for achieving your outcomes. More importantly, we add our vast experience and insights from years of serving your industry to any prevalent analytics. As you grow, we timely adopt new metrics to measure your progress in CX.

Managed Services &
On-going Advisory

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Forward-looking Managed Services & on-going consultation

Because of our full life-cycle involvement in CX, we can implement and manage your changing CX capabilities, by vigilantly watching over and guiding your CX growth. We know the latest trends and the state of your market. We constantly introduce best ideas, cutting-edge CX expertise, and new winning strategies.

Matching best-fit BPOs
Offshore, Nearshore, Onshore,
for our Clients

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BPO insights, recommendations, all options

Our relationships with many BPO providers enable us to assist those clients who don’t know the ins and outs of BPO (Offshoring, Nearshoring, Onshoring) to avoid getting into bad business deals with the wrong BPO. We recommend the best type of BPO and from what geography to meet your specific needs. We bring ideas that are proven by other customers in similar industries and at similar scale.

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We are known as the “CX for CX”

  • A reduction in AHT (average handle time), increasing capacity by 9%, training time to proficiency reduced by 50% and reduced navigation screens for CSRs (customer service reps) by 70% — for a top US provider of self-funded health and insurance plans, we helped them move away from legacy platforms with high handle times. We created a single intuitive interface, migrated to a single claims system, implemented new training processes and a new application for CSR tracking and reporting.
  • We helped a multi-state health, wellness and member company transform from an outdated technology to a web based solution. During the optimization phase, we increased the immediate gain in efficiency from 5% to 20% while also increasing first call resolution by 25%.
  • We built a Contact Center in 20 days for Nue Medical Consulting, a laboratory fabrication and billing service company to clinics and private practices. They needed a new contact center to better serve their clients, meet industry regulations while also giving them an edge over the competition. The project needed to be completed in only 30 days. With close attention to our risk assessment right from the start, and all the necessary processes, guidelines, and risk management procedures, the center opened with trained and ready staff 10 days ahead of schedule.
  • With our design for a new operational model for a technology BPO, In the first year of implementation, the company realized significant efficiency and operational improvements totaling more than $16 million in annualized savings.
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Our Beliefs: Technology Serves Humanity

We believe that the winning recipe in customer experience is human to human relationships. CX is ultimately about delivering care.

We believe in treating people with respect and kindness – our clients, our employees, our clients’ customers, contractors, business partners,… everyone. We conduct business ethically, and with social responsibility.

We are “agile, responsive, and easy to work with,” as described by our clients. We do what we say, in the agreed timeframe and cost, always in an honest, open, and transparent way.

“ApexCX, Experience Humanity”.

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