CX Assessment and Design for a Holistic Customer Journey

We are one of the very few (if not the only) CX comprehensive service providers that offers clients the entire view of the “forest”, more than “trees”, in our initial assessment. Our Strategic Assessment leverages a proprietary “People, Process, Technology and Methodology” approach to tell you where you are today and design a roadmap to your “Future State”.

We give you a holistic ‘health check’ for your customer journey, by examining all of the relevant aspects and elements, we dissect the ‘thousands of moving parts’ of the CX and identify each of the elements that are linked to or that impact the customer experience as well as costs.

CX Health Check

We first ask questions such as:
  1. Are we doing the right things?
  2. Are we doing these in the right way?
  3. Are we doing these in the right location?
  4. Are we employing the right Technology?
  5. What can we change to become better in terms of cost, revenue, satisfaction and engagement.

We then provide our analysis of your customer touch points, with a detailed report assessing your CX from a customer perspective.

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  • Deep analysis of the customer journey against 12 key factors and across 30 variables of successful CX.
  • Benchmark your CX against 50 leading metrics and compare it to best practice organizations. A detailed report will highlight areas performing well and areas for improvement.
  • We incorporate a proprietary questionnaire to audit data gathering, benchmark and define where your CX is today, where it is going, based on your company’s CX goals and objectives.
On customer journey from customer experience to customer acquisition, customer retention, & customer satisfaction ApexCX leads CX with high ROI for its clients.

We analyze a web of interconnected processes, procedures, and technology and examine the basis and rationale for each step. We help you ‘bucket’ these elements under the four “pillars” (People, Process, Technology & Methodology) of all your CX components, including but not limited to your contact centers and their role in delivering the Customer Experience. We identify “low-hanging-fruit” and the benefits and costs thereof.

We guide our clients to be on track for long term CX improvements with a plan that enhances Customer Experience performance, operational effectiveness and efficiency, innovation, and quantifiable results.

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  • Help you understand your competitive positioning, with our deep knowledge for your industry’s CX landscape.
    Provide customer experience improvement models.
  • Align your business strategy with best practices and your business model.
  • Help you select software solutions.
  • Implement cost savings, solve your CX pain points, and increase customers.
  • Contact Center assessment:
    • With more than half of all customer interactions occurring in the contact center, Contact Centers function with a complex set of interconnected activities, processes, people and technologies. These elements are interdependent, sometimes in subtle but critical ways. Contact Centers within and across industries share many of the same named tools, processes and functions.
    • In spite of these surface similarities, each center and customer service operation is unique. The configuration of these elements in one center is not optimal for other centers. This universal truth is often at the core of why Contact Center outsourcing initiatives can fail. The desire to apply a cookie-cutter template to all outsourcing projects does a disservice to the company and to the outsourcer. Each outsourcing project needs to consider the Center’s needs and tailor their solutions, operations policies, practices and metrics to meet the requirements and goals of the organization.
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