Nov 17 7 mins, 17 secs read

Contact Center Employee Attrition, Recruiting, and Training Costs

Contact Center attrition, recruiting & training can cost $2.25 million for onboarding 70 new agents. Improve employe...

Nov 17 4 mins, 31 secs read

How to Supervise and Bond with Call Center Employees

How to supervise and bond with call center employees: appreciate, listen to, train, develop, and hold accountable both s...

Nov 17 3 mins, 6 secs read

Contact Center Training Isn’t Buddy-Buddy

A structured training process will produce more effective agents, more consistently, and cost less than the buddy system...

Nov 16 6 mins, 59 secs read

Hybrid Work Environment and Workforce Management (WFM) for Contact Centers

Hybrid work environment, in office, work from home, and remote work model require contact centers to create new workforc...

Nov 16 5 mins, 30 secs read

Customer Complaints Handling: a Personal Touch Builds Customer Relations

Customer complaints handling: adding a personal touch builds bonds between the consumer and the brand, creates customer ...

Nov 16 3 mins, 27 secs read

Hybrid Work Model May Signal the Need for New Compensation Plans at Many US Contact Centers

Hybrid work model, remote work, WFH require changes in compensation plans in contact centers or call centers in the US t...

Nov 16 4 mins, 27 secs read

FCR, CRM data, or the “good enough” KPI

If the purpose of directional KPI for contact centers, such as FCR and CRM, is to tell us movement and trend, exact accu...

Nov 16 6 mins, 12 secs read

Developing Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles in Call Center Operations Improves Customer Experience

Call center mission, vision, guiding principles can help improve operations and customer experience, and motivate employ...