One of ApexCX’s predecessors, Taylor Reach Group (“TRG”), redesigned a contact Center Training for an athletic footwear company, and hit Breakeven in 3-Months, by improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Voice of the Customer (VoC).

The Challenge:

A major athletic footwear company was disappointed in the performance of their outsourced BPO contact center. Specific dissatisfaction surrounded the Quality, Voice of the Customer (VoC), Revenue Generation and overall Customer Experience. The company sought out contact center consultants that could help them address these deficiencies and design a new contact center training curriculum to better equip agents to succeed. The Taylor Reach Group was selected to assist the company to complete this process

The Process:

Taylor Reach completed a Strategic Assessment of the outsourced center providers site and prepared a report highlighting our findings and the gaps to best practices that limited agent performance. A full redesign of the training process, its curriculum, delivery methods and management was proposed.

The Solution:

A new training curriculum was developed addressing in detail: product and system knowledge as well as the soft skills that allow the agent to make an emotional connection with the customer. The training went from being a ‘sage on the stage’ approach where the trainer stood at the front of the room and read PowerPoint slides the agents to a ‘guide on the side’ multi-disciplinary approach involving classroom study, small group study, individual study and mentoring sessions on the center floor. Adult learning techniques and gamification elements augmented the classroom and eLearning components. Simulations were employed to allow the agents to assess their own knowledge and proficiency and quizzes and tests at the end of each module ensured that all agents’ progress was monitored and measured.

The Result:

Despite a hefty six-figure budget to redevelop the training program, the project was able to achieve breakeven in the first quarter it was offered. Total training time was reduced, Speed to Competency was shortened, CSAT and VoC scores improved significantly across all agents and channels. Following the successful launch, the program has been localized and extended to contact centers in all geographies, globally.

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