Dec 05 7 mins, 35 secs read

Customer Experience Touchpoints with AI and Human Touch

As AI replaces call center agents at all customer experience touchpoints, AI frees up CX workforce for customer loyalty ...

Nov 22 1 min, 21 secs read

Are You Increasing Customer Churn Due to Neglect at Your Contact Center?

Customer churn rate can be reduced by improving call center FCR performance, the hub of customer experience, and with cu...

Nov 19 1 min, 57 secs read

Employee Empowerment is trusting with your most valuable asset – customers

Employee empowerment is to trust the frontline call center agents with decision making for refunds and other matters, si...

Nov 09 6 mins, 18 secs read

CX (Customer Experience) and CSAT Start with Contact Center Frontline Employees and ESAT (Employee Satisfaction)

CX (Customer Experience) & CSAT (customer satisfaction) start with contact center frontline employee engagement &...