Mar 15 5 mins, 17 secs read

Evolving IVR and AI Voice Assistance to Prioritize Customer Experience

IVR technology has evolved over the last four decades into today's AI Voice Assistance or Enhanced IVR Design, hopefully...

Jan 18 5 mins, 53 secs read

Relationship Intelligence in Both Human-to-Human Customer Experience and AI Machine Learning

Relationship intelligence applies to both human-to-human interactions and AI tools for relationship machine learning, to...

Nov 27 2 mins, 41 secs read

Contact Center Improvement: 15 Ideas for People, Technology, Process, Methods.

Contact center improvement is an ongoing journey involving all levels. Here are 15 ideas for people, technology, process...

Nov 27 8 mins, 53 secs read

Reducing Customer Churn with Contact Center CX Improvement

CX improvement at call centers with mapping customer journey touch points & root cause analysis results in reduction...

Nov 19 1 min, 57 secs read

Employee Empowerment is trusting with your most valuable asset – customers

Employee empowerment is to trust the frontline call center agents with decision making for refunds and other matters, si...

Nov 11 3 mins, 30 secs read

Call Centers are Where Customers Connect with Those Who Care – Great Call Center OR Great Call?

Customers connect with agents who care at a contact center. Customers want to feel less lonely in handling issues, and c...

Nov 09 6 mins, 18 secs read

CX (Customer Experience) and CSAT Start with Contact Center Frontline Employees and ESAT (Employee Satisfaction)

CX (Customer Experience) & CSAT (customer satisfaction) start with contact center frontline employee engagement &...