Nov 27 3 mins, 31 secs read

The Evolution of Conversational AI in the Contact Center Industry

As businesses embrace conversational AI, they must navigate the delicate balance between automation and human touch, ens...

Nov 27 3 mins, 39 secs read

How to make your customer experience measurement actionable?

Measure customer experience, then make it actionable as a team effort among CX leadership, front-line staff, suppliers a...

Nov 24 2 mins, 12 secs read

Internal Quality Assurance (QA) Should be Based on External Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Call center internal quality assurance is based on external customer satisfaction (CSAT), not what QA team thinks what c...

Nov 23 9 mins, 8 secs read

First Call Resolution: How to Define, Measure, and Improve FCR

The first steps are to develop an appropriate definition, measurements and analysis of call handling in order to quantif...

Nov 22 5 mins, 4 secs read

Improving CX on a Budget with Customer Feedback

Improving customer experience can be done with customer feedback, by listening to customers, talking to customers, askin...

Nov 19 1 min, 57 secs read

Employee Empowerment is trusting with your most valuable asset – customers

Employee empowerment is to trust the frontline call center agents with decision making for refunds and other matters, si...

Nov 17 4 mins, 34 secs read

Top Industry Secrets for Successful Contact Center Scripting

Contact center scripts should sound unscripted. Always improve scripting with agents' feedback, recorded calls, and test...

Nov 14 4 mins, 28 secs read

Using Customer Effort Score (NES) for Customer Success When Failures Occur

When failures occur in customer experience, using customer effort score (NES) helps identify the most efficient solution...