Nov 25 6 mins, 18 secs read

Contact Center Health Assessment Prevents Crises and Resolves Issues

Contact center health assessment prevents crises & resolves issues, like annual wellness check we all do with our do...

Nov 22 3 mins, 55 secs read

7 Reasons You Need a Site Selection Consultant when Looking for a New Contact Center Site

Among 7 reasons for using a contact center consultant for site selection for a new contact center are experience, knowle...

Nov 18 1 min, 41 secs read

Case Studay: Utility Contact Center Insourcing

One of ApexCX's predecessors, Taylor Reach Group ("TRG"), assisted a major utility to design its Contact Center from the...

Nov 11 2 mins, 54 secs read

Call Center Site Selection

Call center site selection combines environmental, social, cultural, competitive & other factors like labor costs, u...