One of ApexCX’s predecessors, Taylor Reach Group (“TRG”), assisted a major utility to design its Contact Center from the ground up to support Insourcing of Customer Care with locations, strategies, operations, staffing, RFP, etc., to desired requirements.

The Challenge:

One of the largest utilities in Canada had some years earlier outsourced 100% of the customer service and customer care operations. As time progressed the outsourced became increasingly less desirable and presented significant challenges in delivering the level and quality of care desired by the client. As a result the utility determined that they wanted to insource their customer care call center and asked us to help them with this task.

The Process:

Our consultants began at the beginning, defining with the client their desired requirements, locations, staff ratios and operational models. We worked with the client to define the scope of work and establish parameters for the execution of the project.

The Solution:

Specifically, we conducted research to assess availability of Turn-key centers within the defined location area, developed site selection target markets, confirmed interest and availability suitable for the client and customized our proprietary “130 point site selection model” to meet the client’s needs, received and scored responses and presented our findings. Based upon the clients’ desired service approach we developed a contact center strategy and operations and staffing model. The new centers would also require the appropriate technology to manage inquiries from their millions of customers. We worked with the clients to develop requirements and desired functionality, developed the RFP, the scoring and assessment methodology and managed the entire selection process until the short list was revealed to the final two proponents.

The Result:

As a public-regulated utility the client was required to submit all of our work for examination an scrutiny by the regulator and interveners. At the end of the process the client has secured approval to proceed and is in the process of implementing our recommendations for the sites selected, technology selected, and the contact center, customer strategy developed for the client.