Feb 10 6 mins, 8 secs read

CCaaS, AI, and the Next Level of Customer Experience for Contact Centers

CcaaS (contact center as a service), combined with GenAI (generative AI), should be developed in lockstep with a higher ...

Nov 12 3 mins, 46 secs read

Employee feedback is Better Anonymously to Improve CX & Engage Workforce

Actively seeking anonymous employee feedback leads to employee engagement and valuable insights for improving customer e...

Nov 11 3 mins, 30 secs read

Call Centers are Where Customers Connect with Those Who Care – Great Call Center OR Great Call?

Customers connect with agents who care at a contact center. Customers want to feel less lonely in handling issues, and c...

Nov 11 5 mins, 8 secs read

Five Reasons for Common Failures of New Call Centers or Contact Centers

Five reasons for common failures of new call centers or Contact Centers: lack of vision, planning, labor & failure t...