One of ApexCX’s predecessors, Taylor Reach Group (“TRG”), made important changes to a B2B’s contact center processes, which had a major impact on the organization’s service offerings and product development.

The Challenge:

Nue Medical Consulting provides laboratory fabrication and billing services to clinics and private practices. After making recent changes to how patients were billed for remaining balances, Nue Medical found they also needed a solution to better serve their clients, one that would meet industry regulations while also giving them an edge over the competition. They wanted to build a contact center so they contacted us for guidance.

One catch: the project needed to be completed quickly. It needed to be operational in only 30 workdays. Once the ink dried on the contract, the project was down to t-minus 20 workable days.

The Process:

Our expertise in contact center design and project management crafted an aggressive project timeline that ensured the fast turnaround would not impact the quality of the final product. For the project timeline, we took two phases of contact center implementation – Planning and Development – overlapped them where and when possible, and executed both simultaneously.

After an evaluation of Nue Medical’s internal resources, we created and led a project team that included: a Team Lead, IT SME, HR Specialist, Project Champion, and Project Manager. The evaluation also identified all of the elements required for the new contact center and existing assets that could be employed in the center, such as the underlying PBX architecture.

We also provided a detailed project plan for Nue Medical; with decisions points and responsibilities for everyone involved.

To procure the needed talent, technology, and systems for the new contact center, we quickly wrote and issued bids and scheduled interviews with potential vendors. The firm also established a series of benchmarks, standards, and criteria to follow; and developed “hurdle gates” to later identify the best-of-breed among the potential candidates, products, and services.

The Solution:

Our experience, tools, and network combined with a strong client team, their dedicated staff, and their amazing culture to build a contact center of the same caliber as one built on a more reasonable 90- to 120-day timeline. Added to the mix were all the necessary processes, guidelines, and risk management procedures to ensure continued success of the center post implementation.

We prepared and presented Nue Medical a call volume forecast for their approval and sign off. Then we assisted the client in creating an organization structure for the center, consisting of 10 representatives and one-floor manager. With scale in mind, we recommended the addition of a supervisor as the team grew to 12 representatives, with no more than one supervisor per 10 to 12 agents. This would ensure proper coaching and development ratios to achieve and succeed performance goals, especially important in a fast launch of a new to the organization center.

The Results:

With Nue Medical’s staff’s help, we were able to meet the rigorous deadline and even deliver on several components outside of scope. The center opened with trained and ready staff on the 20th day of the schedule.

This success, allowed Nue Medical to use the staff cross-functionally, further strengthening their skill sets for the group while building on the knowledge attained during training.

Nue Medical gave full attention to our risk assessment right from the start. This led to a successful speed to launch and resulted in a well-prepared team when the first calls came in.