Nov 26 3 mins, 15 secs read

Robocalls’ Impact on the Digital Contact Center

Public trust for telephony centered communication will erode by robocalls, impacting businesses with legitimate need to ...

Nov 26 4 mins, 10 secs read

Human Centered Holistic Design Improves Customer Experience at a Government Contact Center

Human centered, holistic customer experience design improves a government contact center's operations as well as stakeho...

Nov 25 4 mins, 35 secs read

How to prepare for changes in contact center hours of operation

Many factors go into changing contact center hours of operation, such as call volume, demand forecast, agents occupancy,...

Nov 25 3 mins, 19 secs read

Managing Millennials in Call Centers

Managing millennials in call centers requires first understanding them, and transparent, open, specific, & connectiv...

Nov 25 3 mins, 11 secs read

A Difficult Customer was a Frustrated Customer Not Receiving Deserved Services

What was perceived by contact center agents as a difficult customer was actually a frustrated customer not receiving des...

Nov 25 6 mins, 18 secs read

Contact Center Health Assessment Prevents Crises and Resolves Issues

Contact center health assessment prevents crises & resolves issues, like annual wellness check we all do with our do...

Nov 24 4 mins, 30 secs read

Customer Communication in a CX Crisis and Leadership Responsibility

Both timely customer communication in a CX crisis and taking responsibility by leaders are crucial for customers & i...

Nov 24 2 mins, 12 secs read

Internal Quality Assurance (QA) Should be Based on External Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Call center internal quality assurance is based on external customer satisfaction (CSAT), not what QA team thinks what c...