ApexCX is a full life-cycle customer experience support company, helping call centers, contact centers, CX assessment, customer retention, acquisition, BPO, etc

ApexCX is a full service customer experience, customer retention, customer acquisition services support company, helping B2C call centers.

With great excitement we are announcing our new company name, ApexCX, and its new website, https://apexcx.com/

ApexCX combines two former CX companies, SKWeston Company & Co and the Taylor Reach Group, after a merger and acquisition in May, 2023.  Under the vision and leadership of its new owner and CEO Jerry Briggs, who brings more than three decades of experience in large enterprise consulting and operations, ApexCX is poised to scale as a full life-cycle, comprehensive customer experience support company, to become a force in the CX space. 

Thanks to decades of exceptional performance and leadership on the part of its predecessor companies, ApexCX is proud to continue a deep commitment to offering personal attention to each of our clients, excelling in the assessment and evaluation of each company’s CX status and needs, providing results-driven implementation for for Customer retention and customer Acquisition, contact center analytics and metrics, BPO insights and recommendations, and forward-looking managed services. 

We have served customer-facing organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, whose business models depend on customer experience, who need a constant flow of high volume, high quality customers in their pipelines. With our deep, industry-specific insights, together, we can transform your CX from ailment to health, from status quo to momentous growth.

We are the “CX of CX”. 

We have made our clients stand above their competitors and generate higher revenues and profits, as their advisor, strategist, designer, implementer, growth partner, and the backbone for their CX. We cover a broad spectrum of industries, including retail, ecommerce, banking, insurance, healthcare. We bring cutting edge technology to human-centered customer experience, throughout every stage of CX support, from design process and execution, to workforce management, quality assurance, and more. Here are the five areas of our full life cycle CX services:

  1. CX assessment and design:  Comprehensive, not bits and pieces
  2. Implementation: Hands-on, and tailored to your desired outcome
  3. Tracking and Analytics: With real time call center metrics and experience-based insights
  4. Managed Services: Growth-focused, with on-going advisory consultation
  5. BPO: Matching best-fit offshore, nearshore, onshore, and other options

“ApexCX, Experience Humanity”. 

We believe CX is ultimately about delivering care. Along the customer journey, from customer experience to customer satisfaction and loyalty, we apply technology, AI, and automation to serve humanity’s deepest needs for connection, respect, and kindness. We believe technology must serve humanity.

We at ApexCX treat people with respect – our clients, our employees, our clients’ customers, contractors, business partners … everyone.

Ultimately, we want to make our clients into “CX Stars” by enabling them to offer a high level of customer experience to their customers, to obtain, sustain, and grow their customer base.

We believe CX is a progressive journey. No matter where you are on your journey, we are always here to empower you, to deliver the apex of CX for your customers with better tools, more efficient workforce management, and deeper expertise. 

Come and visit our brand new website, and schedule an initial assessment of your current CX performance: https://apexcx.com/contact-us/