We are excited to announce the merger of SKWeston & Company (SKW) and the Taylor Reach Group (TRG), and the acquisition of this merged company by Jerry Briggs.

The merger of TRG with SKW

The Taylor Reach Group is a globally recognized contact center and customer experience consulting firm, specializing in sourcing strategies, customer experience, customer service/support, and contact center assessments. TRG examines people, process, technological aspects of center operations and strategic vision, with alignment to business goals for contact centers of any size, across all verticals.

TRG’s strategic advisory role is now being augmented by SKW’s strong expertise in design, operational improvement, and implementation services.

SKWeston & Company is a global business process outsourcing (BPO) consulting and professional services company. It offers implementation, optimization, outsourcing advisory, and managed services. SKW’s clients represent small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies, including some of the most recognized brands in the world. “Even though we serve some large companies, we emphasize boutique services with extra care — rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty, to help our clients realize the benefits of our recommendations rather than just leaving behind a strategy for the client to execute. This is how we differentiate ourselves,” says founder Steve Weston.

Steve Weston and Colin Taylor are pioneers in the CX industry and both will remain heavily involved in the merged company. “I am very pleased to have both Steve and Colin continue to assist us in growing this new venture,” said Briggs.

Jerry Briggs, new owner

Jerry Briggs, the new owner and CEO of the company brings to our valued customers and partners his decades of experience in scaling businesses across numerous industries, and his expertise in virtually every aspect of business growth and management, operations, digital transformation, and financial guidance. For over 15 years, Jerry led large-scale businesses at Accenture. This experience will provide a unique perspective to the new company.

Better services, more resources, and a larger vision for our clients and partners

The merger of these two exceptional firms creates a new CX consulting leader in the industry. Nonetheless, the combined SKW and TRG, will continue to offer highly specialized boutique services in CX consulting, managed services, and outsourcing advisory.

The new company remains nimble, agile, accessible, and solutions agnostic. By scaling our proven personalized approach, our team of experts will always maintain a level of intimacy with the clients we serve.

We look forward to serving you

To our loyal clients: THANK YOU for being part of our success, and for helping us maintain our standard of excellence which is being replicated for new customers. As we grow, we will have even more resources, talents, and expertise than before.

“Both Steve and Colin will be around as long as they want. They will be continuously involved to drive the vision and strategy of the company,” says Jerry Briggs. “All the consultants and employees at both SKW and TRG are staying on. They will continue to serve our clients as usual, but with more resources and expertise at their disposal. Our current and future clients will truly have the best of both worlds: the customized, face-to-face experience they have come to know, with a larger vision to help them grow and succeed.”

“The new company represents two overlapping circles, meeting in the middle, to form enhanced capabilities,” says TRG’s founder Colin Taylor.

“Our priority remains the same: maintain the unparalleled high quality customer service that is expected from us,” says COO Kevin Lasky.

“With Jerry at the helm, we have larger visions to enable our clients’ and our own growth as a highly specialized boutique consulting and implementation CX firm. Jerry understands what the big firms are doing, their language, their approach, and can apply them to everyone’s benefit,” says Steve Weston, SKW’s founder.

“By gaining more capacity, we can do more and go further. We will continue on the right path already established by SKW and TRG, and grow through our clients’ successes,” Jerry Briggs concludes.

Stay tuned for the newly rebranded name and website. Thank you!

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(Jul 18, 2023)