Nov 26 3 mins, 21 secs read

Handling High Employee Turnover in Contact Centers

With recruitment improvement, training programs, agent feedback, and workplace satisfaction measures, contact centers ca...

Nov 26 4 mins, 17 secs read

Contact Center Staff Retention: Get Ahead of Trouble by Pinpointing Frontline Concerns

Staff retention and low employee attrition result from proactive employee communication & WFM (workforce management)...

Nov 17 7 mins, 17 secs read

Contact Center Employee Attrition, Recruiting, and Training Costs

Contact Center attrition, recruiting & training can cost $2.25 million for onboarding 70 new agents. Improve employe...

Nov 13 7 mins, 12 secs read

Cost of Attrition Calculation and Factors for Contact Center Workforce

Cost of attrition for contact center workforce is calculated and weighed with factors such as recruiting and hiring, tra...