Nov 22 3 mins, 54 secs read

Service Level Metrics is Specific to Each Contact Center

Service level is specific to each contact center: what is appropriate for one organization at 80-20 may be appropriate f...

Nov 22 2 mins, 21 secs read

Calculating Contact Center First Contact Resolution (FCR Calculation)

FCR calculation (first contact resolution) doesn't need to be an exact science, but it is one of the most important KPIs...

Nov 19 3 mins, 12 secs read

Case Study: New Operating Model and Strategic Plan with an Interim Management Solution

One of ApexCX's predecessors, Taylor Reach Group ("TRG"), by harnessing contact center expertise, allowed a client to de...

Nov 16 4 mins, 27 secs read

FCR, CRM data, or the “good enough” KPI

If the purpose of directional KPI for contact centers, such as FCR and CRM, is to tell us movement and trend, exact accu...

Nov 11 6 mins, 9 secs read

Customer Success Defined – 6 Areas of Customer Success Planning

Customer success results from planning and dedicated team collaboration of one company's customer care, customers servic...