Jan 18 5 mins, 53 secs read

Relationship Intelligence in Both Human-to-Human Customer Experience and AI Machine Learning

Relationship intelligence applies to both human-to-human interactions and AI tools for relationship machine learning, to...

Dec 05 7 mins, 35 secs read

Customer Experience Touchpoints with AI and Human Touch

As AI replaces call center agents at all customer experience touchpoints, AI frees up CX workforce for customer loyalty ...

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The Evolution of Conversational AI in the Contact Center Industry

As businesses embrace conversational AI, they must navigate the delicate balance between automation and human touch, ens...

Nov 27 2 mins, 23 secs read

from Operational Excellence to Value-Add: a Professional Partnership between a Contact Center and the Organization

A contact center forms a professional partnership with the organization by collecting customers’ input data as an impo...

Nov 22 5 mins, 4 secs read

Improving CX on a Budget with Customer Feedback

Improving customer experience can be done with customer feedback, by listening to customers, talking to customers, askin...

Nov 12 3 mins, 51 secs read

Customer Satisfaction Increases Growth with Customer Repetition, Referral, and Spend

Customer satisfaction increases business growth with loyal customers repeat buys of larger and more amounts of goods &am...