Nov 27 8 mins, 53 secs read

Reducing Customer Churn with Contact Center CX Improvement

CX improvement at call centers with mapping customer journey touch points & root cause analysis results in reduction...

Nov 27 3 mins, 39 secs read

How to make your customer experience measurement actionable?

Measure customer experience, then make it actionable as a team effort among CX leadership, front-line staff, suppliers a...

Nov 25 3 mins, 11 secs read

A Difficult Customer was a Frustrated Customer Not Receiving Deserved Services

What was perceived by contact center agents as a difficult customer was actually a frustrated customer not receiving des...

Nov 22 5 mins, 4 secs read

Improving CX on a Budget with Customer Feedback

Improving customer experience can be done with customer feedback, by listening to customers, talking to customers, askin...

Nov 18 3 mins, 5 secs read

Case Study: Contact Center Streamlining Phone Numbers Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars

One of ApexCX's predecessors, Taylor Reach Group ("TRG"), helped a Pharmaceutical firm with their call center streamlini...

Nov 16 5 mins, 30 secs read

Customer Complaints Handling: a Personal Touch Builds Customer Relations

Customer complaints handling: adding a personal touch builds bonds between the consumer and the brand, creates customer ...