Nov 27 4 mins, 59 secs read

System Implementation for Contact Centers: Eight Keys to Success

System implementation at contact centers needs careful planning, due diligence, RFP, vendors, project team, manager, &am...

Nov 23 4 mins, 15 secs read

Employee Suggestions and Feedback at Work Place: Are Your Employees Brave?

Employee suggestions should be solicited and encouraged through a system with follow-ups. By Peg Ayers Not everyone ...

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7 Reasons You Need a Site Selection Consultant when Looking for a New Contact Center Site

Among 7 reasons for using a contact center consultant for site selection for a new contact center are experience, knowle...

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After a Contact Center Consultant Leaves, How to Maintain Longterm Success

A contact center consultant recommends changes in People, Process, Technology and Methodology as CX assessment; to imple...