Nov 23 9 mins, 8 secs read

First Call Resolution: How to Define, Measure, and Improve FCR

The first steps are to develop an appropriate definition, measurements and analysis of call handling in order to quantif...

Nov 22 3 mins, 54 secs read

Service Level Metrics is Specific to Each Contact Center

Service level is specific to each contact center: what is appropriate for one organization at 80-20 may be appropriate f...

Nov 22 4 mins, 19 secs read

Call on Hold Doesn’t Have to be Painful

By Peg Ayers When my father passed away, I spent hours in queue, waiting for help from a variety of companies and age...

Nov 13 3 mins, 32 secs read

Metrics for Call Centers: What They Mean to Customers

Metrics for call centers: FCR (1st contact resolution), AHT (average handle time), SL (service level), ASA (average spee...

Nov 12 8 mins, 52 secs read

Operational Indicators – Service Levels, ASA & Occupancy Rate

Operational Indicators - Service Levels, ASA & Occupancy Rate, guide customer experience workforce management and CX...